Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last from a photo? maybe

From a photo I took in Hyeres, France.. I have been drawing lots from my photos because I love the subject matter and it is cold outside here in winter, however, I agree that it is the translating from 3D to 2D that puts the artist into the artwork. Also I greatly admire Urban Sketchers whose drawings are from life. So no more from photos. At least I am going to give it a whirl. Why is the phrase "like anyone cares" running through my head. Don't answer. I care.


wawos said...

That's right! Only live.
Anyway good work. Good!


Don McNulty said...

Thanks Wawos!

john.p said...

Glad you're taking the challenge. Live works best for me. I just got back from a Spring Break trip with wife and daughter. Not time to sketch so I took pictures to draw from. I'm working on it now and it's just not the same.

Don McNulty said...

Thanks John, glad you came by.