Friday, April 2, 2010

Bath, England

The ancient Roman bath and the Abbey  from the walkway around the bath. From a photo taken last year.



Don, this is a classic view of the Baths here, and one that not many Bathonians see that regularly as it is tucked away behind a wall. It is free for the people of Bath, but as that is all there is there, how many times does a local want to go?

It has made me want to re-visit with my sketchbook though. You have drawn the lines so well and I know they are so difficult - there is many a screwed up paper ball to show for it!

P.S. I notice you say Bath, England. I only recently realised there is another in Canada.

Don McNulty said...

Thanks for your comments Bellastellagirl. Yes, Bath, in Canada is a small town in Ontario.