Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vancouver harbour

I have been fascinated by the Vancouver harbour waterfront all my life. There is a waterfront park at the foot of Main street, Crab park, where you can watch the Tymac boat dock and see their boats come and go. These are a couple of tugs and quite a few water taxi launches. They transport people around the harbour from ship to shore. The tugs are used to service the cruise ships garbage barges etc. Yesterday I sat in the park and drew for a while, then went over to North Vancouver on the sea bus. On the way I bought a Pentel Pen Brush because I want to make more expressive drawings. Close to the Sea Bus terminal is a dock where Cates tugs are moored. These are the heavy hitters which push cargo ships, barges, cruise ships, etc. when the need a little assist. i absolutely love all this marine stuff.

A smaller Cates tug in the foreground with a bigger one behind.

My first attempt with the brush pen, so it will be fun learning.

The brush pen.

I did this with a Pilot hi tech point v5 rt pen that I got at Staples the office supply monster store. I may have to go into pen rehab soon - addicted!


Nicki said...

Nice new pen! I'm a picky pen fan too. Great drawings - the Vancouver harbour is one of a kind.

Don McNulty said...

Thanks Nicki, see you soon!